Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Urban Jungle Show Mix #25 - March 2003

THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS DELETED SOME MIXES. Anyway, I upgraded the mixes to 192kbps some time ago so I'm re-upping the lost ones.


1:32:44 mins, 127mb, 192kbs
 Featured artists:
Bagga Worries & Jooxie Nice, Influx Datum, Deadly D, Tribe of Issachar feat. Peter Bouncer, Terry Tee, Ron Tom, Aphrodite, Capital J, DJ Krome & Mr. Time, Shy FX & Gunsmoke, Three Disciples

Monday, April 20, 2009

Urban Jungle Show Mix #24 - December 2002


1:32:58 mins, 85.1mb, 128kbs

Maybe I should've done this sooner and listed some artists who are in these mixes. I'll include only some artists because I'm too lazy to look the rest up.

Artists featured:
Origin Unknow, B-Boy 3000, Red Light, Kraken, Ganja Kru, Gang Related & Mask, Soundmurderer & SK-1, Congo Natty, Terry Tee, Dope Skillz, L Double, Beats R Us, DJ Hype, Simon Templa

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Urban Jungle Show Mix #22 - July 2002


1:33:00 mins, 85.1mb, 128kbs

Featured artists:
DJ SS, John B, Datcyde, DJ Rap & Danny C, Aquasky, Aphrodite, Fernanda Porto, New Balance, M.I.S.T., Dieselboy, Blade Runners, Chuck E, Dub Hustlers & Lenny De Ice feat. Cutty Ranks, DJ Zinc, Half Breed feat. Poison Chang