Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Solid State with Liquid Todd Mix #5 - May 1998

NYC radio show hosted by Liquid Todd, showcasing the best in electronic, dance, and techno music (circa May 1998).

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1:23:23min, 76.35mb, 128kbs

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Anonymous said...

i have been looking for a track on one of his after midnight mixes. i don't know the name of the song but it came on before "Brother Grim - Radiate", the track before "radiate" is like a trippy kinda song, with a ladies voice going ooo oooo oooo aah aah aah (choppy), if you know the name of this song e-mail me at, also after 2 other songs played they started talking and todd said to jason (other dj) how come it sounds like u have such large testicles (cause he just said "hey" like so low on the radio). Thats as much info i can give you, if you want me to send u a sample of the song i can record it onto a wav file and e-mail it to u. Thanks Evan.