Friday, January 23, 2009

Solid State with Liquid Todd Mix #1 - March 1998

NYC radio show hosted by Liquid Todd, showcasing the best in electronic, dance, and techno music. Can't say anyone ever mixed dance music as well ( however, I'd like to point out these are tapes after all, and are sometimes edited for commercials and DJ banter, so they tend to not flow perfectly). Thank you Todd, for making me laugh at techno again. Anyone who's a fan and wasn't so early to the party won't want to pass this up.

Download link:

37:13min, 51.1mb, 192kbs


Anonymous said...

dude you have to post more like this if you have I was just like you when i was younger taping these off the radio. I used to fall asleep listening to them cause i wanted to stay up and record them. Unbelievable there was someone else out there!!!.


Anonymous said...

These tapes WERE my high school years. I remember trying to stay awake to record once the After Midnight mix started haha - Anybody know whatever happened to Jaesun, the first (I think) producer of the show? He used to mix a lot of minimal and oddball stuff from time to time...Also, there was another cool oddball type show on one of the fuzzy stations I used to tape at night with a guy called DJ Squiggs(??) does that ring a bell to anybody?